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Thread: Encoding advice for a newbie...

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    Encoding advice for a newbie...
    I've pre ordered apple tv and I want to start encoding my dvds to the correct file format. I understand that the movies need to be in itunes but what software do I need to encode the movies correctly. I'd prefer the easiest method as I'm not particularly tech minded. I'm going to do this on a windows xp laptop, so any software needs to be compatable with windows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't have my movies in itunes, but I use isquint to convert ripped dvds to ipod format. This'll probably work. No guarantees though as the apple tv isn't out yet.

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    I read today where Quicktime Pro has an "export to Apple TV" function just added. The story is that you will be able to compress DVD movies to fit Apple TV either in DVD quality of 720 x 404 or even Hi Def 1280 x 720. Quciktime Pro costs $30.

    You could also use Handbrake or Mediafork which are free and will convert to 720 x 404 (h.264 mainline). They can be downloaded for free.

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    Over the years, I have seen so many changes from the time a piece of hardware was announced until it was shipped, that I would be hesitant to recommend spending enormous amounts of time (and encoding will be if you have any kind of decent size library of videos already) doing this until it is released.

    Definitely don't think I would use anything prior to shipping date but Apple software if you are going to do it ahead of time, since they will make sure it integrates well with their own.
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