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    Question Being grounded while installing memoery?

    I am putting a 1 gig stick of memory in my Intel 24" iMac (geez, I love saying that) that my wife bought me (she is such a sweetie). I have worked on my PC extensively (hence becoming a switcher) and would ground myself to the power supply. Short of meditation, reading the Bible and doing yoga, how do I ground myself when installing the memory?


    P.S. yes, some of the above was a sad attempt at humor, but the question is real. m

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    you can buy a ESD strap and connect it to the ground pin on the power outlet.
    Just make sure you don't install it on a table. Make sure you aren't standing on carpet. But honestly I think ESD is overrated. I am a electronic technician I work on repairing electronics everyday. I remember when I first started repairing electronics I didn't wear a esd strap and I have never had anything fail because of that. When I attended heald I built a computer for my final project and I didn't wear a esd strap and all went well. All I can say is as long as your not standing on a carpet all will be okay. But if you really want to be safe buy a esd strap and plug it into the ground pin of the power outlet in the wall.

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    Plug myself into the outlet...EEECCCKKK. I know, ground is not the outlet. I would have to take it outside or in the bathroom to not install it on carpet. Curious, why not on a table?


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