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Peakoverload 03-09-2007 07:26 AM

Mighty Mouse
I really love my iMac, love the look of it, love the screen, love OSX, love the keyboard and I am even growing to really like the mouse except there is one annoying thing.

70% of the time when I do a right mouse click it actually performs a left mouse click. I have to be very precise where I right click because it appears that there is only one or two small areas to the right of the wheel/ball that will actually perform the right mouse click.

Apart from being very annoying is this a common fault with this mouse? The whole computer is only about 3 weeks old so I guess I should get a replacement from Apple anyway, especially as over the last day or two the roller ball on top has started to stick too but I'm wondering if it's worth it if all Mighty Mice are prone to these types of problems.

Is there an alternative? I would like to keep the rollerball on top option and not just have a scroll wheel like on all MS mice and I also quite like the side button thingy, you know where if you press them both it tiles all your open windows. Is there anything out there that has all of this other than the Mighty Mouse? Oh and I know it's really sad and pathetic but if there is a mouse that has all of that and is also white then that would be even better.

Josh_MacMan 03-09-2007 08:44 AM

First off, let me say, I had a Mighty Mouse and honestly, out of all the Apple products I've used it was one of the most frustrating things I've ever used. Most of what you've described seems to be common issues with the Mighty Mouse. I had the same issues with mine and I got rid of it.

As for what you are looking for I'm not sure what to suggest if you don't want a regular scroll wheel on top. I ended up getting the Logitech MX1000 and it's an awesome mouse, however I don't believe it's available anymore.

Alexis 03-09-2007 08:45 AM

I love the Mighty Mouse!

I can press my right finger down all over the place and it works.

CrossBones 03-09-2007 08:46 AM

There must be 1,000 threads about mice and the MM in particular.


Peakoverload 03-09-2007 09:16 AM

Ahh, well at least I'm not alone then lol.

Right, well I shall be looking at buying a new mouse asap.

yogi 03-09-2007 09:22 AM

The thing with the MM is that it senses if your left finger is touching the surface. The whole thing is touch sensitive, even the clicking sound you hear is not real (the MM has a little speaker in it).

The fact that you have to lift the left finger to perform a right click bothered me too, but think about it: I don't have to lift the right finger to perform a left click. This means that I can rest my entire palm on the mouse and just press down. Much more comfy.

Alexis 03-09-2007 11:06 AM

I used it for about 9 months before I realised you had to keep your left finger down for the right to work. I must have always used a mouse that way - it's the most natural way of doing it.

Some people don't like the MM, which is fair enough, but I love it and it's not like I have small hands.

The pebble mouse - now that was a heap of junk!

MartinS 03-09-2007 11:37 AM

After a day using the Mighty Mouse I've gone back to my Logitech MX700. It has programmable buttons (I have some as save, undo, redo, delete). It's hewn from granite and cast iron, and has a solid non-tilting scroll-wheel – which I have set to double-click – that was designed by Jeep. Fuel consumption is appropriate...

farmcock 03-09-2007 01:27 PM

As a switcher, I am now a little suspect of Apple...
equipment in general. Everyone brags on Apple as a Hardware company and I agree my Intel iMac is beautifully designed - and i have never in 1 1/2 years had a big problem; however, the keyboard had to be replaced after only 1week of my girlfriend playing Pac-Man on it right after I got it -number pad completely shot. Believe me, our Dell keyboard at the office is so much more sturdy as well as better designed size-wise for typing. It's a work-horse compared to the delicacy of the iMac's keyboard.

The Mighty Mouse has been tossed in the garbage after the scroll wheel quit working and after numerous issues with the left-right click recognition - in favor of a $9.95 Microsoft industrial-strength two-button scroll-wheel mouse.

I work on a PC all day and believe me, if Apple wants to break into the Enterprise, they are going to have to build a sturdier machine - without a doubt.
The last sore-spot item is the Matu****a? super? drive. Unless you have a brand new immaculate CD or DVD, forget about trying to rip them. The tiniest, most obsure scratch of any kind will cause the iMac to hang - only rebooting will get the disc out of the thing - there should be a bypass for this in the software somewhere. I don't know how many times I've had to do a restart to get a disc out of the drive! This is very annoying when trying to rip a multi-disc audiobook and the 3rd disc has a miniscule scratch somewhere. They'll play. they just won't Rip.

neyoung 03-10-2007 11:09 PM

If your anti MM and looking for a bluetooth replacement consider the RadTech BT600. I've had great experiences with it. Its the best bluetooth mouse I've run across yet.

Justin 03-11-2007 10:03 PM

I got a mighty mouse and if I was extremely careful, i.e. totally let go of the mouse, and used the point of my finger well aimed to try to make a right click, then it would work, from about 7% to 70% of the time, depending on how it felt (had I not fed it enough cheese that day?)

Really terrible I must say.

Anyway, I phoned up Apple Care. I had another issue to ask too. Then when I said "I have a problem with the mighty mouse - the right button is not working properly" - she did not even ask me a SINGLE question! Just said right she'll send a new one to my home to replace the old one!

This made me conclude that they must know very well about this issue.

As for my new mouse, if I am holding it in a normal mouse, as I would any mouse, then the right click does not work. However, if I make sure my first finger is not touching at all the place for the left click, then the right click does actually work (hurray!) possibly more than 90% of the time! Could even be over 95% of the time!

So, it seems there are differences between the mice. I'd say of you're is really not working well even if your finger is totally off the left button place, then just get them to replace it.


Alexis 03-12-2007 05:52 AM

I don't know what you people are doing, but I use the keyboard and Mighty Mouse 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

No problems at all, and certainly in no way 'delicate'.

Willem 03-12-2007 12:52 PM

I'm having the same experience as Alexis. I love my MM and have no problems whatsoever right clicking. It works every time for me! Weird.

Lisa 03-12-2007 01:06 PM

I've never seen one so I can't give any feedback on it - I use a kensington bluetooth mouse and it works great.

Justin 03-13-2007 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by Alexis (Post 346578)
I don't know what you people are doing, but I use the keyboard and Mighty Mouse 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

No problems at all, and certainly in no way 'delicate'.

Do you still have your first finger in contact with the mouse surface (i.e. in left click position) when you are right clicking (e.g. with your second finger)? That is how I would imagine any normal mouse use. Is that how you do it? Or are you totally lifting your first finger off-contact while right clicking?


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