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Thread: Smartdisk NAS Disk Problems

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    Question Smartdisk NAS Disk Problems
    I just bought a Smartdisk 400Gb NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive to add to my home network, Powerbook, iBook, Netgear DG834PN wireless router. These are supposed to be very easy to configure and I'm not a novice when it comes to networking but I'm stumped.

    I can connect to the disk through Bonjour to the browser based configuration system. I've been able to go through the setup routine, changed the time, name, passwords etc and added new users, all very basic and easy. I also have assigned read/write permissions to the new users and added my own shares. It comes as standard with an Admin and Guest user and a Public share. Trouble is that when I try to mount the disk across the network I can only connect using the Admin user. When I try any of the other users, including Guest, I am told that the alias could not be found as the original doesn't exist.

    What seems strange is that I have changed the Workgroup name to my network's name but it still appears under the original 'Workgroup'. Also, if I try connecting by using 'Connect to Server' it cannot be found using the IP address or Bonjour name.

    I have also tried factory resetting, re-formating to ext3, DHCP and static IPs and made sure the Firmware is up to date.

    Any ideas as its currently a very expensive paperweight.

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    I have been advised by Smartdisk to downgrade the firmware to version 2_3_2_02b. This is no longer on their support web site. They make no mention of this problem with Mac compatibility either but I've had a few people ask me how I fixed this issue so its not an isolated problem. If you PM me your email address I'll be happy to forward the firmware on to you.

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    Can you help
    Could you please let me have 2_3_2_02b? Regards

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