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    epson 2200 vs. epson 4000
    hey i was in the market for a new printer, and i was wondering if anyone was familiar with these 2 printers...

    being a graphic design major i really want to have the options to do large format prints. and i was looking at the new epson printers. the 2200 and the 4000.

    the 2200 is really nice, but the 4000 has more options to print larger. but it is considerably more. can anyone help me out? any input comparing the 2 printers would be greatly appreciated.

    or if u use a different printer.. let me know what you are using and how you like it.

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    I, too am looking for a large format printer. Checked into a couple HPs, but they do not work with OS 10.4.8. Any recommendations. We would like to print 13.9 x 19.7 or even up to 18 x 24 size. Would also need to work with Windows 2000 for our pc.

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