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    Apple mice
    Ok.... this is the one major thing that bugs me about mac.

    I recently bought an iBook, ya whoopdee doo i thought. i've grown to like it after customizing it a fair amount. It still cant take the place of my x86 based desktop.

    One day i was playing quake and wanted a mouse to play it on, so i took my microsoft optical usb mouse and plugged it into the side. So ya i was thinking that all three mouse buttons would emulate the one. I was far from the truth. Right click works as just as ctrl click would. The scroll wheel works.

    If this all works, why in hell does apple still sell those weird one button mice that seems soo unfamiliar to use???

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    The Mac is partly based on simplicity, multiple buttons complicate things for new users. Most newbies dont even use the second button until they learn more about the system, People who are more advanced can choose any multiple button out there and they will work as such. So its a smarter decision to ship the computer with a single buttton mouse initially and let user move on from there...

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    Because there are so many keyboard short cuts replacing all that right click and stuff, believe me I was the right click king! Why should the mouse do all the work?

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    Personally I like the right click, but adam80 is completely correct. Everyone that I know of that is first starting computers and even those that have been using them for a long time, just don't use right cick or contextual menus.. now this sounds strange to me since I can't imagine not using them or having them, but there it is.. Those of us who love it, we definitely do go out and buy ourselves a two, three, four or more button mouse with scroll wheel, transformer into a car, fax machine, cell phone, type of mouse

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    I like having the right click when I can, but if I can't, control click and other short cuts work for me. I think apple feels they started something with their one button....and know some people still like it (probably Steve Jobs for one). They know if you don't like it, it's easy enought to get a cheap third party mouse. So yeah; it's just become apart of the mac computer, and the Apple image.

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    im an old school gamer..... counterstrike king... ive come to love the multi button mice... but i can tell you exactly why they do it...

    my mom knows nothing about computers... she would trip over every little thing on a pc..i tell her to click on something, and she right clicks..and now she sees all these options.. and gets confused and frustrated... and im like "mom..just click anywhere out of that box you just created" and she just gives up... its annoying to someone who doesnt know what they are doing...then i put her on my mac... and she found it easier to do things with... she didnt have to worry about what button to press on my 5 button mouse...

    its like those television remotes with 200 buttons... when all you need is 0-9, on, off, volume up, volume down, and channel up, channel down....

    the only microsoft product that hasnt blown up on me, that i will still use without feeling unsafe is their mouse ... my G5 has a silver internet explorer mouse... matches the brushed aluminum look... i like it

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