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    Question Bluetooth Mouse gets warm - battery gets HOT
    I recently bought an Apple Bluetooth Mouse (not the Mighty Mouse) to partner my MacBook.

    I bought this used from eBay - it seems to be in ace condition and came with some Duracell Alkaline batteries.

    I use this mouse nearly all the time - it's just a little bit more natural to use a mouse rather than a trackpad. The other day I saw a grey shape appear on my MacBooks screen telling me the batteries wee running low and the bluetooth logo now had a battery logo as well.

    Anyway I bought some more Alkaline batteries (not Duracell) and stuck them in the Mouse - after a short period of time the mouse started to feel a bit warm - I wasn't sure if my hands were just cold or something - so left it as it was. Then later I went to use the mouse again and it definitely felt warm to the touch - my first though was that the circuitry in the mouse must be getting to warm - I went to remove the new batteries from the mouse to make sure they were the same type as the Duracells and they were actually hot to touch.

    I'm fairly sure this is not normal - using the original Duracells (with ever decreasing power) the mouse seems fine and is not getting warm.

    I'm hoping there are others here that use this mouse - Do these mice only like Duracell batteries?

    And what does the little switch under the battery cover do (it has a plus & minus sign) after switching to the new batteries I did slide the switch to the minus position - could this have caused the heat?

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    Double check how you put in the batteries. One of the bluetooth varities (or maybe both) has the batteries going in the same direction side by side instead of one one way and the other reversed. If you put them in reversed when they are supposed to be parallel then they will discharge each other and get really hot. This also kills the batteries so if you did that use 2 new ones this time and make sure you have them in correctly. Not sure about the minus sign - maybe on and off? If you had the batteries switched to where they were discharging each other, it wouldnt have mattered if the mouse was on or off as they would have still discharged each other. The bluetooth mouse that has the batteries in parallel will work with one battery (but with half the life).

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