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    can anyone recommend an affordable flatbed scanner?

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    I highly recommend the Canon Slim line scannes.

    They have a $99 and $79 dollar model, I have the $99 model and I love it. Plus its only an inch thick and is usb powered so only one cable.

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    What's affordable man? You should give us a price range.

    Basically I have one of those scanner/printers and well, it only cost me about $150 that seems pretty affordable and the resolution from scans are awesome.

    It's a Lexmark X1150

    It's USB as well.

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    id have to say after working for one of the major printer companys i wont name any names ( starts with a capital H, lol ) i wouldnt buy an all in one...or atleast not one of theirs, if its just a scanner you want..just get a need for an all in one it will cut down on cost's. Me personnaly i have an HP PSC 750 and its an amazing machine..."knock on wood"
    id have to say tho if any company go epson...they make good products for the buck

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    ok.. this is exactly what i was looking for.. i also have an hp psc 750 and i need to scan pictures. the only problem, is when i try to scan something it says options not set. i just recently bought this macbook and i dont know how to set the options on the computer. please help me out here

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