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    Time to try Macs
    Hey all

    I've always been interested in gettin a Mac, and as of late, have really been wanting to scratch that itch.
    Unfortunately, looking throught lots of stores and eBay, i've discovered they're not all too cheap, especially for a 16 year old who is lacking a job at the time :/
    So, I'm comin to yall, to get yall's suggestions.

    I'm lookin for a decent mac $300 and under, that can run OS X halfway decent (that someone would wanna use :]), and will give me a good example of what a Mac can do and why I should stick with em.
    What should I look for, where should I look, or am I just out of my mind?

    thanks guys, and even if i can't find nuttin, thanks

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    If you have a monitor already...try and find a G4 tower (it'll probably be 550mHz max, but faster-or dual-would be better). Look for at LEAST 256mb RAM and 20GB HD. Obviously, more RAM and HD space would be better if you can afford it.

    If you don't have a monitor, you'll probably have to go with a G3 (tower, or iMac). They work well, but OS X and a lot of Mac Apps defintely work better w/ G4's. Good luck.

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    The more RAM the better... you can make a computer loaded with RAM seem alot faster than it is.

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    Where should i look to buy one at the price i'm lookin at?

    thanks guys,

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    Check classifieds/local sellers, CraigsList, OWC, MacPro, eBay...there are a bunch of other places online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redfox
    Where should i look to buy one at the price i'm lookin at?

    thanks guys,
    eBay is really the only place.

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