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    External Harddrive Suggestions
    Hi all.

    I'm looking into getting an external harddrive to go along with my MBP. I'm down to about 10GBs of free space here. I'll probably be putting my videos on the external.

    I live at school, so the drive needs to be relatively easy to move between home and school (I don't forsee that being a problem), I'm open to suggestions on size/speed based on various experiences, a decent price is preferred, and as any Mac user I wouldn't mind the drive having a nice style.

    From what I can tell, Lacie drives seem to be good, and I like the look of those Western Digital MyBooks. Also, that FireLite portable drive looks alright, but I'm not sure if it's big enough.

    I'm looking to get as much life out of my computer as possible (having just upgraded the RAM) and I don't know if updating the internal drive is in the cards. It seems easy enough on the MacBook, but maybe not the MBP.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions.

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    I got a 250gb Freecom off ( for you) and it is absolutely fine.

    I think you can even buy 1tb hard drives off there now!!

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    I have the lacie rugged 100gb 7200rpm, it is a bit pricy, but worth every dime...
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