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    Graphics Tablet??

    I'm in the market for a few new items to enhance my workflow.

    One, and the most important one because I really do need help with this, is a Graphics tablet.

    I can't afford a Wacom, and I have been looking at a stock standard A4 USB graphics tablet shared by Trust, Nisis, and others. Of course, on Ebay and on their websites, these tablets claim NOT to be compatable with Mac.

    What I am wondering is this, has anyone bought and used a cheap graphics tablet bigger than A5? I want one About A4 size, and to cost about 50 ($100) or less.

    The second thing I am after is a wide screen monitor. I am sorley tempted by the Samsung SM204BW 20" Widescreen monitor, it is a good price over here right now.

    So, what does everyone reccomend in terms of items?, and please take into consideration I am in the Uk.

    Cheers ma dears!!
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    I have a Wacom 6x8 tablet. I haven't used any other tablets, so I can't say how well other tablets will work, especially with a Mac. I would really suggest saving to get the Wacom if you could.
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    Though I can't help you with the widescreen monitor, I do own a tablet.

    I also own a Wacom 6x8 (Graphire, to be exact) tablet like StretchR does. They're really affordable for a tablet (in my opinion) and its well worth saving up a little more money for. =)

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    i have a wacom too, so i can't really help you iwht other brands...

    but i did just get a nice cheap widescreen monitor 20 inches...


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