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    I just went into a Macintosh store - not one owned by Apple, but a Mac store - and they really had some cool stuff. Like, a 20" display and a 23" one hooked up on the same Mac. Never knew how you changed from one to the other before now... ahh, now I want another display :blink:

    They also had a thingy that controled the sound level of the speakers very well, it was a all-metal and had a knob-like thing that if you turned it to the right the sound went up, and to the left it went down. It plugged into the side of the keyboard you aren't using for a mouse.

    ...And then they had a lot of super-cool wireless mice, laptop cases, and I got to test out Final Cut Express and DVD Studio Pro...

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    yup ive seen those nobs before. Im thinkin about gettin one.
    the store has all that stuff

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    If you are talking about THIS, then I have one of those. It is alright. Does what it is supposed to I guess. But I wish THIS was out when I ( the company ) bought the Powermate. Seems like a much better product.
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