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    20" LCD Flat Panel for Mac
    I am thinking of replacing my 19" CRT with a flat panel.

    I'm looking at 20" minimum and wondering what some of the best choices might be ... or if the Apple 20" is the best way to go?

    I do some gaming (Stock G5 D2G with Radeon 9600) but mostly regular computer stuff. No high end photo imaging requirements.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    The apple is probably the most expensive you will find but you should be able to just pick up any flat panel and get an ADV -> DVI adapter (It may have come with the G5 I am not sure) and just use that
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    I've heard good things about Formac Gallery 20" and Dell 2001fp too.

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    Anyone have any experience with the 20" or 23" cinema displays? How is the response time/ghosting?

    I was looking at the Samsung 213T or Viewsonic VP201b. The Viewsonic is similar to the Dell 2001fp (16ms response).

    I'd like a 16:10 screen, but I don't know if I can justify the price.

    It's for an x86 box, right now with an 8500 but that will probably be replaced with a 9800 soon.

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    The Cinema displays are AWESOME! They're basically as good as LCD displays get. Other mfrs. such as Sony are starting to use the same panels, w/ different packaging and image adjustability, but the Apples are just great on Macs

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    after buying my 17inch from apple, i will never buy any other monitor.... if i were to upgrade, i would get the 20 or 23 inch they have. its about as good as they get...

    although, to use a VGA/DVI port, you need to jump through some hoops... i baught a $100 adapter to hook up my ADC 17inch out to a DVI video card on my pc...

    luckily the mac i own has a dvi / adc output... so i wouldnt need an adapter just to run the computer it was made for

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    Well, I have a 23" and a 17" Apple on my G5 Dual. I agree - they are awesome. Ghosting? What's that? Even the non-standard resolutions work well.

    jeez, the 23" is so big I can slide my keyboard under it if I need extra desk space for writing.

    So it's more money - to me saying other monitors are cheaper is a bit like saying PCs are cheaper than Macs....

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