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    Aug 29, 2006
    Which terabyte hard drive to buy?

    I'm in the market to purchase a terabyte drive, but I'm not too sure of which companies are good and which to avoid.

    I've been reading on various sites (including New Egg and the likes) and the feel I get is:

    LaCie = anti-Christ in a box
    Western Digital = Blow dryer in a box

    Now, I appreciate the fact that 9/10 times people will post their complaints and not their praises.

    So..... I'm turning to you ladies & gents to help me out.

    Merci beaucoup

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    Dec 24, 2006
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    I have pretty good luck with western digital and seagate drives. I have never owned and external seagate, but my WD is a little bit louder than i would like, i just listen to music to compensate haha

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    I would go with the lacie... they are very well built and stand up to alot..
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    I have 3 1TB Lacie Drives there quiet noisy but i would expect that from a drive of this size, all my seagate drives i have had have blown up on me:bone:
    May the farce be with you...:headphone

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    May 18, 2007
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    I've had two 250gb external Lacie drives with no problems whatsoever but two Western Digital external drives have failed early in their lifecycles.

    I thought that Hitachi was the only manufacturer of 1TB drives... Wrong again. I'm going to have to check the prices and functionality with my MacPro.

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    I would personally look at two 500gb. That's a lot of data to lose if the drive goes bad.
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