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    Unhappy Quick Time Messed Me Up
    I have a new Emac at work, and today I tried to open a picture that was sent email, and I opened it in quick time. After I did that, the resolution of my computer was messed up big time. I can't even do pictures in Photoshop because they don't look right. Can someone please help me???

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    1. go to the apple in the upper left hand corner
    2. click it
    3. go down to system preferences
    4. click it
    5. in the new window that pops up, click on displays
    6. the window transforms into a display bet is you have it on a small resolution (800x600 or 640x480) scroll down to a lager resolution like 1024x768 or 1280 x 1024 whichever looks best
    7. hold command (the key next to the spacebar) and then press Q

    now you should have your screen back to normal size? (this is assuming all quicktime did was mess up your resolution)

    also, when you want to open a picture, hold control and click on the file... when the box pops up, go to "open with" and choose preview or another application besides quicktime

    hope this helps....if it doesnt, try to be more specific about the problem and i might be able to help you more :-\

    good luck..and get a mac at home *wink* *wink* ...

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    I opened a jpg in Quick time, then copy and pasted into a Quark 8x11 blank page, then when I tried to resize it, my computer's resolution started messing up. We have reloaded all the software, and still nothing changed. Any ideas?

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    try System Preferences/Display/then change the resolution, that mite help.
    Or u could just open the photo with a different app, sayyyy Preview?

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