I noticed Apple introduced a new 'n' networking airport. Since I'm getting the Apple TV and as well have a C2D Macbook Pro that supports 'n' it seems like it seems to be a good choice to upgrade to 'n' networking but I have several questions:
1. If I'm right at this time the n networking is mostly proprietary meaning if I want to use it I should get all Apple hardware. Is that true?
2. When the 'n' spec is finalized with the MacBook Pro, Apple TV, etc. via firmware update support that or will I have to stay with Apple hardware
3. How important is n for the Apple TV? I plan to mostly use it for streaming mp3's, sometimes photos, and at times video off of a future Mac Pro I plan to purchase this summer. I had planned streaming but if necessary would be willing to copy it over to the Apple TV. Obviously I know n will copy it over faster but I don't mind doing this overnight and taking longer. Is the n needed only for HiDef video or is it necessary for standard streaming video?
4. I've heard in the past to stay away from Airport and use other brands so am I better off avoiding this product?