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    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    I am looking for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I have seen what logitech has and have few questions.

    I have macbook and would like the mouse and keyboard to both connect to the macbooks internal bluetooth, not to a usb adapter. I have seen a few mice that do this but so far no keyboards. Also could you use logitecs bluetooth keyboard and mouse sets without using the usb/docking adapters?


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    You know Apple make a bluetooth kb/mouse combo that works just fine. The Logitechs I've used in the past work as well.

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    hi there... I've just bought a new bluetooth keyboard (diNovo, Mac Edition from Logitech). The sales girls assured that it will work with my Macbook's internal Bluetooth. However, my Macbook (2months old) can't find the keyboard and so far it only works with the external usb bluetooth stick that came with the keyboard.

    Someone has an idea what needs to be done so my macbook can connect with the keyboard? Thanks for any help.

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