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    external dvd-rw/cd-rw burner issues
    Hey i have an external burner that i had hooked up through an enclosure that supports usb 2.0 and 1.1.(my comp only has 1.1) i got a new firewire enclosure, and last night installed it. today when i powered up the drive and tried it, it was able to read cds fine but can't burn cds through either toast or itunes. I already have patchburn, the computer recognizes the drive, but for some reason when in itunes, the progress bar stops at the very first little bit of the first track, and in toast it gets stuck on DAO: Writing Lead-In. Whats the problem? thanks for your help!

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    External problems
    Hey, i have an external firewire 200 gb HD and an external cd-rw/dvd-rw drive that isnt working. The hard drive is connected thru firewire and when i turn it on the red led lights up, but the drive doesnt show up in disk utility and i dont know how to format it otherwise.

    For the cd burner, it used to burn dvd's and cds fine (when it was in a usb enclosure), but now it gets to the first task in burning and stops. It can read but not write. I've used PatchBurn, and nothing helps. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Please, please, please respond with any info you have as soon as you can. Thanks!

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    anyone have any ideas? please respond!

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    any way i can format it using a pc to be used on a mac?

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    External Hard drive not visible/recognized, external dvd not burning
    Hey, i know this is the third time i've asked this but im getting really desperate for an answer.

    First Problem: an external western digital hard drive (WD2000BB) is connected thru a creative I/0 firewire/USB enclosure. The drive powers up but i cant see it in disk utility or anywhere else. I have not formatted it yet and dont know how to. Any ideas?

    Second Problem: My cd/dvd drive will power up and read cds, but when i try to burn one it gets stuck (in itunes, at the first track before it even starts writing, in toast at something like DAO Startup). I had this drive burning when it was in a usb enclosure. now that its in the creative enclosure, it can only read. Any ideas you have i'll try. Thanks!

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    G'day etancixelsyd,

    What Mac do you have and what OS are you running on it....

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    sorry its a g3 600 mhz running 10.3.9

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    sorry about that hasty reply, i was headed to school. It's a G3 Imac graphite with about 746 mb ram and a 600 mhz processor. It has a built in 40gb drive. The Cd is slot loading, if i am using that term correctly. Its the kind you just stick the cd in, no tray pops out.

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    Anyone Please Respond Im Going Crazy Trying To Figure This Out!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by etancixelsyd View Post
    Hey, i know this is the third time i've asked this but im getting really desperate for an answer.
    Please don't crosspost. Use your same thread.

    If someone knows an answer, they'll give you one.
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