I was having trouble printing to my Lexmark X5150 printer that's connected to my Dell PC workstation. My Macs (yes, there are two bundles of joy in the house now) could see the computer and printer on the network, but all tries to get it to print anything failed.

So I looked around for awhile and found a great tutorial on how to create postscript emulation on Windows XP using Ghostscript, GS View and a port redirection tool. It's not the easiest setup (mostly because there's just a lot of steps), but it works like a charm and I couldn't be happier.

I'm not sure if this tutorial has been mentioned before, so I'm sorry if this post is a retread (I searched for Ghostscript, and only found a few things). Here's the tutorial though. It might be just what you're looking for, if you're a new switcher like me and you want to take advantage of printers already running on your home network.

How to Use a Printer Attached to a Windows XP Computer in Mac OS X


--C. A.