Hi Guys & Gals

I need your help once again and yes i know there are loads of posts on this subject and yes i have tried them all to no avail so let me explain my problem before you condem me

As a switcher i have now got rid of my XP box in favour of my G4 which i now do everything on, hence i now have my printer connected to my G4. (all works fine after a clean install). However i still use a Laptop with XP for work and i would like to print emails word documents etc but i cannot share my printer for some reason. I have followed the tutorial at iFelix no joy I have even tried creating a standard TCP/IP printer port as one post suggested without success. The problem appears to be that the two machine cannot communicate in order to find the printer.

I have set up Printer sharing on my Mac, I have checked my Network settings still no joy.

what i have are the following

1 XP Box (was mine now given to the Kids) uses PCI Belkin Wireless card

1 HP Laptop with Centrino wireless connection

1 G4 Power mac with a PCI Belkin Wireless card

1 Belkin Wireless router

Now all 3 machines Laptop, XP Box and the G4 can access the internet and the Router throught the default gateway i.e 192.168.2. *

on the XP machine i've tried to ping the G4 machine using 192.168.2.* and it times out every time.

I have pinged the two 2 XP machines on the network and both of them can ping each other no problem and even share files but i cannot communicate with the G4 at all

Where am I going wrong is my head still stuck in XP mode?????.........

Sorry forgot to Add I'm using OS X 10.3.9 Panther