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    RAZR works fine with bluetooth just not in address book?
    Hey everyone,

    I have a Motorola RAZR V3r. When I run the bluetooth wizard, it detects it and the phone asks for the pass code no problem. I enter it and it pairs and is good to go. iSync works, and I can also browse the phone to send files and such. However, in Address Book, when I click the bluetooth icon, it pops open saying "Pair with device" and searches for phones. It finds mine, but when I click Pair, it says "Enter the passcode for the device." The phone doens't do anything though. I can type in any number doesn't matter what I put, it says "Pairing successful!" and the window closes, but no connection appears, the bluetooth doesn't go blue. I've deleted the connection on my phone, reran the setup wizard but nothing works. From what I underatand, if its set up in the wizard, addressbook should be no different. Any suggestions? I haven't updated to 10.4.8 should do that now and see as wel thanks.

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    it all depends on your service provider and what they will *LET* you do
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    My provider is Rogers and my phone is unlocked.

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    Sorry to dredge up an old post, but I just got a RAZR and I have the exact same problem. The phone pairs fine, I can transfer files, iSync my address book and iCal. If I click on the Bluetooth button in address book, it asks for a code (I input the pairing code used in Bluetooth setup). Then nothing.

    However, this little piece of software does everything Apple promised:

    Question is, why can't Apple get it to work??

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