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Thread: mouse frozen & strange mouse incidents!

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    mouse frozen & strange mouse incidents!
    I am very new to this forum and didn't even know how to post this, yet a designer I am still very technical! I ran disk utility and that didn't help, thought maybe a "permissions problem, I run into at work all the time."
    So since I didn't find what I was looking for in the forum...I ended up going to my "mouse's" manufacturing website, they had a new driver to download!!!!!!! (thanks for the heads up, if you know what I mean!) This fixed my problem!!!!
    I am on panther, g-5 and use a macally mouse. I got so sick of switching the mouse from my 2 USB ports on my keyboard, I searched the forum and still didn't find an answer (sorry if it has already been resolved.)

    The Mouse can do strange things (YOUR NOT CRAZY!):
    Example: At my work, one of my co-workers was using a wireless mouse and for some reason she was seeing someone literally type in her excel, photoshop (save as menu option) and email program. (literally you could see her mouse jump around the screen when I saw her NOT even touching her mouse!) She sent a company wide email saying- whoever is having lunch with Trish and will be going on a tour please email me! Strange enough, it was our CEO of the company!!!!! Once we put her back on a non-wireless mouse it stopped!!!!!

    Hope this helps anyone with these strange mysteries!!!

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