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    Low cost laser printers?
    I need to get a laser printer for my mac but I only want to spend 200 bucks or less. The problem is that my local apple reseller has printers starting at about 300. I know you can get laser printers compatible with Windows for around 150 but I'm not sure which ones are compatible with mac. The problem I am finding is that there are so many laser printers out there but most don't actually list mac compatible on the box and from my experience, a lot of salespeople at big box stores (the stores that tend to have the most selection) don't know enough about the products they carry, let alone macs to give a straight answer.

    Does anyone know of a good laser printer that is low in cost? I would only need it to print text and charts and graphs but not actual pictures. Any suggestions?

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    Most likely it will just work. To be more thorough... I would suggest picking a few out, then going straight to the manufacturer for advice. Check out their website, call their 800 Customer Service, do whatever it is you need to in order to find out if a specific model is geared to support Mac OS X.
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    I've got a Samsung ML2010, it comes with drivers for OSX, XP, 2000 and Linux. They're normally $100 but I've seen them for as low as $50 with rebates. Mine has been great, quick warm up time and good print quality.

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