Ok, so I have a 17" MacBook Pro and Tiger(10.4.8). I also just got a LaCie 250 GB external HD. I want to partition my external HD so that there are 2 partitions: One partition so that i can have an external boot, and a second partion to just store files on. I was going to do this in Disk Utility until I ran into a few problems.

I went into the partitioning tab of my external LaCie HD and put it into 2 partions. I then went into options for the external boot partition to change the partition scheme to GUID Partion Table so that I can start-up my Intel-based MacBook Pro from the external HD if the internal one fails.

For the other partition for files, I wanted to put the partition scheme on Apple Partition map so that any computer can read the files. Except, I guess that only one scheme can be set for the whole disk.

Can I set 2 different partition schemes on each volume(or partition)? Or do I not need to use different partition schemes?

Thank you for the help.