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    Epson Printer, Vertical Lines???
    These vertical bands keep showing up on my Epson printer, and no matter what I seem to do, nothing works. I've tried going through the Realignment process, but that never works, and I'm just using up my ink trying to figure out what's wrong. The model is a C64 Series (EPSON USB) whatever that stuff means. If anyone could help out...

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    How fast do you print? When you get ready to print you go into the advanced setting and slow down printing. At least that's what I have to do with Epson 2200. This allows the ink to dry before the rollers get to it. I wish I could tell you exactly where but I am not at the printer right now.

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    Okay when you click print there is an option Copies & Pages...Click drop menu and go to Print Settings. On the pic I provided there is a High-Speed Setting, unclick that. Maybe it is the same on yours so just giving this a shot as this is what I have to do when I print.
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    There are a few things you can try to get rid of the banding you are experiencing.
    You have already checked the alignment.
    Next, make sure you uncheck the hi-speed print option like was already suggested.
    Lastly, you might want to try running either an automated print head cleaning or as a very last resort, attempt to flush and clean the printheads yourself.
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    Thank you Sursuciofla, that actually turned out Ok. I got the banding to stop, and I'm guessing that you should adjust the Quality/Speed thing so that you don't get a sorta fuzzy image if it's all the way down to Quality. Anyway, that's guys.

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