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Thread: Old CanoScan D660U

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    Question Old CanoScan D660U
    Any idea how to get this CanoScan D660U to work on my iMac G5?

    The original software disc requires OS 9 and I'm not about to install Classic just for this scanner. I've plugged the scanner in but nothing happens, not even after a restart. Image Capture says "No Image Capture device connected."

    I've gone to the Canon website and downloaded the new drivers. When I try to install them they ask for an install location. I have no idea where this should be. I tried the applications folder but I get the error message "Cannot access a file named 'CANON CanoScan D660U N.' (Error Code =-5000)" The Canon website has no instructions on where to install the drivers.

    What am I doing wrong? Or is the scanner just not compatible, though it must be if Canon has drivers for OS X. The scanner does work when plugged into a PC.

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    Don't put it in Applications, just select your hard drive and click install. It should install them in the right place, probably somewhere in /Library.
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