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    Epson printers
    I have an epson r220 printer which works with my current mac setup without problems but after installing xp as well as osx i have noticed a big difference in the speed of printing.
    My conclusion is that the epson drivers for osx suck big time. In osx when i click print it takes a while for the printer to start, wheras in xp it is virtually instant.
    Has anyone else noticed this and yes i have downloaded the intel drivers for my printer from epson's website.

    I know alot of mac users use Cannon printers and maybe when my R220 packs up i will switch to one of those, are Cannon printers better in osx than Epson's.

    Thank you all.

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    I have an Epson R800 and it works great with my Mac. Best quality photo prints I have ever gotten, Windows, Linux or Mac. The printer itself is slow to start up after you turn it on, but once you get through its start up sequence, printing is nearly immediate for documents once you hit the "Print" button. Perhaps it is just the driver for that particular printer. I am very happy with the R800 under OS X.
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