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    Poor text on Viewsonic 19" digital w/ Macbook

    I recently purchased a 2Ghz Macbook and have been very impressed thus far. Last night I connected my 19" Widescreen Viewsonic LCD to the Macbook via the mini-DVI to DVI connection. I noticed that the text on the Viewsonic display is not crisp. It almost becomes a strain on the eyes after reading for a few minutes neye:. I would imagine that the digital connector would nearly duplicate the screen on the Macbook itself but sadly that is not the case... or perhaps I have set this up wrong. Could it be color settings?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. Great forum!


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    are you sure that you are using it as an extended display and not mirroring it? if not then its prob runnig at the macbook lcd native resolution which is like 1280 by 800, which is alot less than the 1400 by 900 that the external lcd should prob run at.

    hope it helps

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    It would sound like you are not running the Viewsonic at its native resolution (I am guessing 1280x1024 at that size) OR the Viewsonic is running in DVI-A (analog mode). I had this very problem with my 23" Viewsonic. I was using a dual mode (DVI-A and DVI-D) cable, and the Mac or the Viewsonic (could never figure out which) would select DVI-A most of the time. I solved this problem (with help from the kind folks here on these very forums) by simply moving to simpler DVI-D cable. Immediate improvement in image quality and crispness.

    If you are using the cable that Viewsonic provided, it is likely DVI-A and DVI-D. Go get yourself a simpler DVI-D cable (CompUSA, Best Buy, wherever - they are widely available), make sure that your monitor is running at native resolution, and all shoudl be well.
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