Greetings all!

I'm flying a Powermac G4 dual 1GHz / 2GB RAM / 1TB HD running OSX v.10.3.9, and using the aforementioned DVR-110D burner.

After reading scads of reviews recommending Taiyo Yuden media, I purchased waaay too much TY DVD-R, only to find it absolutely, positively, in no way shape or form, would burn a viewable DVD with my system.

After the first dozen coasters, I sent all the media to Taiyo Yuden for inspection, with the suspicion I'd been sold me counterfeit media. TY examined and confirmed it was theirs, and further, tested it on a 110D to find it worked for them, and shipped me all new media. Their recommendation was that I update the Firmware.

I checked with Pioneer and they simply don't have Firmware for Mac for retail buyers. (Grrrrr! Arrrrg!) What with World War III brewing between the US and just about everybody else, I suppose I could worry about things of greater significance, but NO! I really want to update the Firmware for my little DVD burner so I can use this big box of TY DVD media.

Anyone responding with a solution that doesn't involve installing my burner in a PC to do the upgrade and then replacing it in my Mac, (Pioneer's suggestion), will be granted a nomination for Sainthood!


Chris ~