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Thread: older G3 RAM

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    older G3 RAM
    Hi all new to mac/apple. I have an older G3 333mhz (2001) it has 32mb of RAM can this be upgraded to more RAM as it is needed to run printer for kids? If so how would i do it and where would i find more RAM---It's all new to me but I am trying to keep kids happy---(networked computer with newer windows based pc)-----thanks

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    Check, they have tons of RAM for all Apples. Decent prices, too.
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    The 333mhz imac g3 was made in 1998-1999, not 2001 as you said.. Also, it used laptop memory. You need PC 100 Sodimms.

    I have bought memory for these computers before from OWC

    Just so you know, it may not be worth spending money on ram for an older computer. You may want to consider buying a slot load imac g3 or an early imac g4 instead.
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    Is this an iMac G3 or a Beige G3 desktop or tower?
    If you are in the USA, I recommend Data Memory Systems for Mac RAM.

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