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NolaWegs 10-02-2006 11:39 PM

journaled v/s unjournaled external hard drives
I just got an external hard drive from my boss, which I am planning to erase, and I was wondering about how much journaling slows down the speed and performance of my drive. If I am going to be using it to back up music, dvd's, and images to save space on my MBP, will journaling slow me down significantly?

NanoBite 10-03-2006 12:10 AM

Hi NolaWegs, I found this info which will hopefully help:


The downside is that enabling Journaling can slow drive access time down by up to 10% an issue of particular concern to us laptop (or Mac mini) users, whose drives are on the poky side already. In certain instances nevertheless, Journaling can be preferable in situations where data stability is more important than drive access speed.

Journaling allow the system to recover more easily from crashes and protect against corruption by having a "journal" (a buffer where changes are first made and then afterwards written to disk) and makes recoveries much faster when using tools like fsck. In exchange for this, extreme disk usage could have an impact (up to 10%) on performance. So, it's not recommended if your machine moves a lot of files around unless it's a file server, in which case it is *strongly* recommended (the priority in servers is safety of the files, not the speed of the disk).

NolaWegs 10-03-2006 12:59 AM

That's perfect, thanx alot

NanoBite 10-03-2006 02:24 AM


Originally Posted by NolaWegs
That's perfect, thanx alot

S'okay! :ninja:

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