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Thread: lacie usb SLOW

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    lacie usb SLOW
    hi all,

    i purchased a lacie 150gb usb2 a year ago or so and it worked all fine with my powerbook until it went all dead >_>

    i got a new one, this time a 250, but also usb2 (they just don't sell firewire ones around here) to save my data and fixed the old one.

    however, now both of them are working EXTREMELY slow.
    the transfers are ridiculous, for example: few hours (according to the time indicator) for a few gigs.

    what gives? it worked ok before. now it doesn't. logically thinking, it seems like something is off with my powerbook, but all other usb operated things seem to work ok.

    i've no idea what is going on. please do help.

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    I have Lacie portable 60gb but I use firwire so never had a problem. I know if I hook my ipod up and transfer through usb 2.0 it is really slow. It is odd that it takes yours hours to do a few gigs. I would send it back in or whatever, take it back if within 30 days.

    First run Hardware test though to see if it is a logicboard problem or something.

    Try repairing permissions too.

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    Are you sure you're plugging into a USB 2.0 port?

    Also, in what circumstances are they slow - doing copies from one USB drive to another? Remember that USB requires your Mac's CPU to manage all of the drive activity, so copying from one USB device to another is a worst case scenario.

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