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    A/V Composite Ports?
    Hey guys,
    I just got the 24" imac with the 256mb graphics card, 2.33 core 2, 3 gigs ram, and 500gb hd.

    Now, i dont like going down all the way downstairs to play ps2 or watch tv.

    Now i know there are tv tuner cards that i can get, but here's the thing, i wanna hook up my ps2 to the imac.

    What's the best product out there for me to play my ps2. I mean, im not gonna be playing rpg's all day, so i need something that'll be able to keep up with my speeds of game play.

    I have to admit i haven't looked into this much because i dont know where to start, but so far from what i've seen the Elgato Eye TV 250 seems to be the best.

    Has anyone done this before or know of anything?

    Please respond! and thanks in advanced guys

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    Have you watched the episode of the half-ton man on Discovery Channel? I would suggest walking all the way downstairs to watch tv and play ps2...

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    well there's gotta be a way to do it, im sure there are those out there who've tried this before

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    EyeTV 250 is your best bet
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    but has anyone ever tried or read reviews on this?

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