I recently aquired a 450 mhz g3 from a B&W server to upgrade my beloved beige g3 minitower. The g3, running both OS 10.2.8 and OS 9.2.2, had its stock 333 mhz processor, revision C rom, 512 mb ram, Rage 128 16 mb video card, uw scsi card, usb card, dvd rom, and yahama burner. I had benchmarked the computer using Xbench 1.1.3 earlier (maybe a month ago), and saved the results. I decided to start out the new cpu at 333 to see how hot it would get and see if it behaved any different from the stock cpu. Suprisingly the benchmarks were several points below after only changing the processor. I bumped it up to 366, and the overall score was still lower then when I used my stock 333. I was stunned. The cpu score sometimes beat out the old score but the graphics score and memory score was always lower then before. I still plan on moving it up to about 466 eventually but I am really confused on why it is slowing down. Both cpus are Arthur 2.2's. If anyone has any advise or information I would really appreciate it. Thanks.