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Thread: best 20 inch wide screen monitor

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    best 20 inch wide screen monitor

    i have a mac book, and want to buy a decent sized wide screen tft to run my mac book when I am at home. Just moved and have a nice living room. Wondered if anyone had any experience with such monitors. I kow I want a dvi one but I also dont want to pay the earth.

    any recomendations appreciated.


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    I have a Viewsonic VP2130b. I love it. It is bright, clear, crisp - one of the best I have ever worked with. Dell seems to get high ratings from others on these forums too. So, I would start with the Viewsonic line, and look at Dells' too. These seem to be the favorites.
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    thanks very much for the advice...looks a nice piece of eqiupment

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    Well I would really recommned the Apple cinema displays! you can get one off ebay for a reasonable price.

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    I give a thumbs up to Dell!

    Apple is nice too though, I am on one right now.

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    I have a samsung 205BW. its only $289 on newegg, with a 3 year warenty. its very bright and crisp. It is also very fast, 6ms.
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