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    Hi, I need an Xserve ASAP! I wanted to create a RAID out of it. The Xserve G5 is not yet out. I figured I would get that, as well as a RAID card and that should do it. Does anyone know if I can create a RAID out of the Xserve G4? How would a software RAID work on that? And if so, a website where I can purchase an Xserve G4 so I can overnight it? I wish I could get the Xserve RAID, but I can't afford it. Any Ideas? Thank You


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    The Xserve G5 is not only out, it has been discontinued.
    The latest version uses quad intel xeon processors.

    The g4 xserve hasn't been available for some time now, the direct predecessor of the intel xserve was the Xserve G5, so perhaps you meant the G5 version after all?

    You can easily create a software RAID with the disk utility app, using any physical volumes attached to the machine.

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    I thought we could not get intel yet?

    Either or you can get the latest xserve from the apple website. It can be overnighted, and as stated above, you can create a raid with it.
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