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    Mighty Mouse question
    Ok so I am on my second mighty mouse (my first one was sold in a bundle), and before I remember while surfing the internet you could use the scroll ball to go "back" and "forward" by going left and right with a quick flick of the scroll ball. For some reason this one doesnt do it, and I know the scroll ball goes right and left because when on a page that is too small and you can scroll to the right to move the page over, it works? Any suggestions?

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    I have been using the Mighty Mouse since the first week it came out. I have never seen it go back and Forward by going left and right with the scroll ball. Was this in Safari?

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    i'm curious about this there any button you can program to go back and forward?

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    I am using the SteerMouse application. I can't do without my back/forward command I have it now programed so that my mighty mouse can do that in webpages

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