This is a great combo for the Mac. I am glad I bought it. I did have some problems getting it working thou. The Logitech Control Center (LCC) that came with it didn't work when installing it from the CD. I had to download it from their website, eject the CD and install it. It took a couple times before I figured out how to get it installed. It makes the computer reboot to finish installing but it wasn't completing the install. I think ejecting the CD before installing helped.

The other thing that bugs me is getting it working with Firefox. I was able to bind the side buttons on the mouse to get the Forward and Backward to work by binding the side buttons to apple+right and apple+left respectively. However I haven't got the middle click to open a new tab working.

If anyone knows how to get middle click on a link in Firefox and it opens a new tab to work that would be awesome. It is really bugging me. The weird part is I think it used to work for this mouse or maybe the other mouse and now it doesn't.