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Thread: Lacie Horrors

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    Lacie Horrors
    We have had our 1.2TB hard drive for 5 months. It contains CRITICAL data (video production.) Yes, we have backed up to some degree, however, as we all know, backing up video takes up so much space. Loss of this data would be horrendous for our company.

    5 days ago, our LaCie (1.2TB) external went from a 3 month, healthy external to dead. Suddenly it lost power, so of course it is not mounting on the desktop. Therefore, no DiskWarrior, etc. to be done because it simply has no power.

    Called LaCie immediately and explained the problem. Patrick (LaCie rep) said that this seemed to be a "cut and dry" problem and that we just needed to try a new power supply, so sent one. It just arrived. We plugged it in and, sure enough, STILL NO POWER! The new green light on the power supply box is solid green.

    Just got off the phone with LaCie again. Told him the situation and he had no answers. He said that we needed to find a company that "maintains RAID and keeps the data intact so that we could back-up all of our data." He suggested Best Buy Geek Squad and Drive Savers (which he says has a "90% success rate in data recovery.")

    I asked him how we could recover the data if there was no power supply in the first place. He said that by taking the LaCie apart and creating a raid environment on another drive, we would be able to have power and be able to back up.

    So, I am about to freak out. Medication is standing by.

    -Working on G5, OSX 10.3.9, FCP 4.5, Dual 2GHz, 512 MB DDR SDRAM
    -I had partitioned the LaCie into 3 parts
    -It was working great, and the power outage had nothing to do with surge (everything is properly surge/battery protected.)
    -I tried plugging the new power supply directly into the wall...still solid green light, but no power to the LaCie.
    -The blue light on the front has not come on for days.
    -In System Profile, the firewire port is empty

    Although I have read and re-read many threads on the power supply problems with lacie drives and the new power pack did the trick. This is not the case here.

    Any advice, suggestions, rants or positive energy would be MUCH APPRECIATED!

    Thank you!
    Mark McKinney

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    Good luck.
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    Drive savers should be able to get your data off of the disk platters. Tlak with them they should tell you what you need to do.
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    This is of no help to your problem, but it re-inforces an old saying of mine. Data that you have no backup of is just data that you are renting until your next crash. You WILL lose it if you do not back it up. Perversely, if you DO back it up, your hard drive almost never crashes. I never cease to be amazed by the perversity of inanimate objects.
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    It should be fairly to take the Hard Drive(s) out of the LaCie and put it(them) into another computer and just copy over the data if the LaCie is like most external hard drives. For instance,

    Good Luck!


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