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Thread: Will my mac HD work on a PC

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    Will my mac HD work on a PC

    Will my IBM Deskstar 30 GB Apple HDD Firmware, taken from a powermac work on a PC?

    Thank you.

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    HD's are HD's. No such thing as a "Windows HD" or a "Mac HD".
    All you should have to do is format it for Windows and you should be fine.

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    Apple makes HDD firmware? Well that's news.

    What Apple DOES make is a file system called HFS+ . Your windows system will not be able to read this HD unless you reformat it, thus deleting all the contents on it. But you can definitely implant the hd in your pc and it should work, provided it physically fits in to your pc's architecture (speak: you have a place to stick it in).
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    I thought as much. It actually says "Apple HD Firmware 2000" on the drive label, that's why I was unsure.

    I don't own a PC I'm selling the drive on ebay following an upgrade and wanted to advise potential buyers.

    Thank you.

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