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    Compucable KVM Switch
    Okay I know there are threads before on switches, and everything but none of the previous threads help me with my current situation.

    I have a Mac running OSX, and a PC running Windows XP.

    Hybrid ADC KVM Controller Hybrid is the KVM switch I am using for the two computers for a mac monitor. Now, my uncle, who had this set up before and working properly before him and my aunt moved. But he had just passed away from cancer recently, and was the only actual person who knew the way he set it up. Well now I, there nephew am down trying to figure out how he had it set up so that my aunt can switch between the computers with the switch.

    Now I have a feeling that there is a part missing that he used for the setup because the Hybrid ADC KVM Controller Hybrid only has one USB port located on it, and of course I have been unable to find any diagrams on the product that will help me understand how I am supposed to get one keyboard and mouse to work with both computers, with only one USB port on the KVM switch. Both the mouse and the keyboard are USB, so they both work with the mac.

    So here is the Dilema in short:

    The KVM switch (Hybrid ADC KVM Controller Hybrid) has only one USB, I can easily switch the monitor between the two computers with the switch but have no clue how to switch the mouse and keyboard with only one USB port located on the KVM. If someone could please explain to me if my uncle had another KVM switch that was specified for the mouse and keyboard, or is there a way to get both the mouse and keyboard to run through that one USB port on the Hybrid ADC KVM Controller Hybrid.

    Thanks in Advance. The KVM Switch

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    That is strictly a monitor sharing (Or V switch) there has to be some other switch that he was using for the KM part
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    Okay, well now out of curiosity would anyone happen to know a decent Keyboard and Mouse switch that can be used, or will that actually have to be apart of the KVM switch itself.

    I am in Sacramento right now, so I am close to Fry's and a lot of other computer stores.

    My luck is, is that we will have to order one, and pray that it is the right one.

    If anyone could tell me if there is like a decent Keyboard and mouse switch that I could probably pick up from Fry's or something, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Okay well I was able to find a USB switch for two different computers. Of course it only had one port for either a mouse or keyboard, but since the mac's keyboard has USB ports on it, I was able to just run the mouse through the mac keyboard, and run the mac's usb into the port on the switch. Both the mouse and keyboard work fine, and the switch runs off the power of the usb ports on both the pc and mac.

    Now the only thing that was bad about buying this particular switch was that it came with no cables, but for $19.99 I wouldn't expect them to. But we had all the cables that we needed sitting at home.

    We were able to purchase the switch from Frys, its a Vertical USB switch 2 port, product number: PW-121A if anyone is needs to do what I did. and it is made by PrimeL .

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