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Thread: Memory types

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    Memory types
    I have an eMac 1Ghz G4/4x superdrive/256 MB
    I want to get more memory. Why is the cost of 133 Bus memory for an emac about twice the cost of standard PC memory with the same specs?
    I'm using pricing from as my guide.

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    Occasionally you'll find a seller is overpricing the Mac modules. The eMac uses standard 133 mhz SDRAM chips that are also used in pcs. However, make sure you are comparing identical dimms, sometimes what appears to be similar dimms often have technical differences. Also, there is a premium price on "name-brand" dimms and much lower prices on the same module from a generic supplier.

    I have the same model eMac and I bought an "off-the-shelf" 256m chip made by Transcend for pcs; works perfectly.

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