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    External Lacie HD

    I received a Lacie external HD. There was currently data on it, so I went to disk utility to wipe it, It started to do it, but it stopped and said imput/output error, and couldn't complete. Now I can't partition or anything. Disk Utility does see the HD, but I can't format and create a volume. I even tried zero all data, but didn't work. Does anyone know what I can do about this? Is there another program you recommend that can do the job. The drive is almost new, so it can't be bad yet. Any suggestions? Thank You


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    Actually, it could be. There's no telling when hard drives are going to fail, and most likely this one shipped with a defect.

    I'd try getting it replaced if you're already having issues and it's still fairly new.

    I once had a customer buy a LaCie drive from us and the drive head failed after 3 days of use. We swapped it straight away, but he lost about 30Gigs of data unfortunately.

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