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    iMac superdrive vs. Lacie d2 external

    Disappointed in speed of superdrive on new iMac (although it does function flawlessly) so purchased LaCie D2 external DVD -- the one with Roxio Toast included. Did identical burns from iTune playlist. 73 minutes of music in 20 files -- typical "full" music CD. (93mb of MP3 data expanded to 786mb on finished disk) TDK 48x blanks used. Drives set to select "best" speed for themselves. Timed from button-push to tone indicating completion. Confirmed good burns by computer exam of the disks and by listening to both in my car.

    iMac superdrive (Mat****a DVD-R UJ-486) took exactly 6:02

    LaCie d2 (TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162L) took exactly 2:55

    Pretty much exactly what one would expect from the specifications given -- 24x for superdrive vs. 48x for LaCie.

    Other topics: LaCie's enclosed directions are confusing because they're outdated but their phone support is fast and excellent. Roxio (Toast) support is, of course, as terrible (nonexistent) as it always has been which is why I used iTunes instead of Toast for this comparison-burn. I'll learn Toast (or not) on my own time later.

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    The CD/DVD Drive in my Quad is a Pioneer DVR 110D and my Lacie FW external is Pioneer DVR 107D. I have not run a comparison, but now I wonder...

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    May 30, 2006
    iMac 20" core duo 2ghz; OS-X 10.4.7; 2gbram; 256mb graphics; 250gbHD; delivered 6/14/06

    DVD-burn with the LaCie using 4.27GB of data took 12:20 total including burn and verify. (Burn component was 5:30) As with CD, this was about 1/2 the time taken using built-in superdrive. Used Toast for this one.

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