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    Best external drive for under 100..?
    My ibook (g4) is getting very low on memory, as the little message keeps popping up to tell me. I've got masses of photos and music on there so the obvious solution seems to be to move them to an external drive (and back up in the process) but I am a bit baffled by the choice, and don't have a lot of money to spend. I'd really appreciate some advice/ recommendations.

    Thank you :headphone

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    There's the new (at least I think they're new) Lacie HDDs. They are shaped like lego bricks. The asthetics bring back memories of my childhood playing with lego.

    Back on to the subject at hand. They come in all sizes. Try as they are at a decent price.

    The Western Digital ones are very good to, if you get the Premium models they have a built in memory display to show you how much memory os left for you to write to. Again from

    Hope that helps a little

    I think both of these drives have firewire and USB capability.

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    I just bought a notebook external HDD for $100.00 USD. It is powered soley by USB and its an 80 Gig drive. I love it, with USB 2.0 file transfer is speedy. I beleive I put 4 gigs on in just under 3 minutes. Thats really fast!

    I like it alot.

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