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    PLEASE HELP !!! Apple HD Cinema Display
    I am new to this forum but hoping i could get some help, I have a 23" HD Cinema Display, trying to hook it up to my pc via DVI port and it just doesn't want to work. It works with no problems on my Powerbook but with PC just now showing anything. Any thoughts on this at all ?
    Any help would be great

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    Is the PC a notebook or desktop.

    If its a notebook you are probably not pushing the change displa key on your keyboard, the macs is F7.

    If its a desktop your probably using the wrong port. There are two ports on the back of most computers, one for monitors and one for joystick. Make sure your computer has the same type of connection, older computers dont always have that.

    That is my guess.

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    I have my 23" running on a PC with no problem. Double check the ports and your display settings as well. Hope you have a decent size video card as well.

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