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Thread: Wired vs Wireless Mouse

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    Wired vs Wireless Mouse
    Okay, I am just curious as I am to buy a mouse in the near future. Does running BlueTooth take more power than running a USB mouse? Because a Bluetooth mouse uses batteries to power it but you have to run BT on your computer. But the USB has to be powered by the macbook. Is it going to be about the same as for battery life? Or will the Bluetooth use more?

    Id rather have a wireless mouse, but if it hurts my battery life too much, I dont need it.

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    BT would take more than a USB mouse.
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    There are plenty of USB based options for wireless mouse and keyboard. I am typing this on the latest Logitech USB wireless keyboard and mouse, on my Power Mac. Should work on any Mac. Basically, you get a little USB based receiver of some sort, to which the keyboard and mouse communicate. From the Mac's perspective, I think they just look like USB keyboard and USB mouse. They work great.

    So, there are more ways than just BT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mac57
    There are plenty of USB based options for wireless mouse and keyboard. I am typing this on the latest Logitech USB wireless keyboard and mouse, on my Power Mac.
    I use a USB wireless mouse on my iBook. The batteries in the mouse last at least a month, assuming i remember to turn it off when I'm not using it. The iBook battery still lasts about 3.5-4 hrs depending on what I am doing, I don't think the USB receiver takes much power at all if that was a concern

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    its funny these days, i have what logitec considers to be a "wireless" laser mouse. however, i have this base station almost the size of my computer sitting on my desk which my mouse needs in order to function. my "wireless" mouse is less portable than a usb corded mouse. my advice is to be careful when buying a mouse, make sure the usb connector for a wireless mouse doesnt have an enormous cradle or plug thingy. id recommend a bluetooth for that reason, but it will use your battery up

    the only good thing about my laser mouse with its airport thing is that its rechargable!!

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