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Thread: Apple DVD player initialisation Error

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    Apple DVD player initialisation Error
    eMac 1.25Ghz PowerPC G4
    OSX 10.4.7

    I have a LaCie external DVDRW connected via firewire cable, but whenever i try to use a DVD, whether it be a DVD Movie or a regualar DVD app, i always get this error:

    "There was an initialisation error"
    "A Valid DVD drive could not be found. [-70012]"

    I have tried various brands, ie. Verbatim, PNY.

    This only happens with the default apple DVD player. I can use VLC with no problems.

    Oddly, not knowing what version my player is, i tried updating it to the latest version, 4.6.1. When installing, i got the red exclamation mark on the apple HDD, stating that it could not be installed because a newer version was already installed,

    Any clues to this error?

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    Using Apple's "DVD Player" without a built-in DVD drive (i.e. using external/virtual)
    I too got "a valid dvd drive could not be found. [-70012]", but mine was because I was trying to play "DVD Player" on a Mac without a DVD drive (crazy? no, just trying to play an ISO backup of a DVD).

    Do I go for a VOB player of some kind? Did you ever find a solution (assuming yours would work for me)? Do I just buy a cheap DVD drive (which won't help you)? Would something like work?
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