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    Powerbook 540c, SCSI CD-R Drives
    I got the original Diablo but can't make it work on my 540c. It seems that the game does not recognize my external SCSI connected CD-R drive. Any help for this?

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    I thought Diablo was powermac only, and the 540c aint a powermac unless you have upgraded it!

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    It has a powerpc chip in it. The game works all the way up to the point where it looks for the files on the CD to play it. Then it gets confused.

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    Does it have any problems recognizing other CD's.

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    Another thought, are you useing the orig Diablo cd or a copy? There seems to be some invisible files on the orign cd, I found that out when trying to run Diablo with a disk image of the cd.

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