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    CUBE + OS9: After change resolution black screen... with a TWIST!
    Hi, G4 cube OS9.2 with a 17" Xerox brand LCD panel with a native resolution of 1280x1024.

    Well, decided to take full advantage of the LCD so I bumped the resolution under Control Panels -> Monitor to 1280x1024 and it was fine. However, now when the computer boots up I get the OS9 splash screen then the screen goes black and says no signal detected.

    Here's the twist. If I hookup a Viewsonic 17" CRT monitor the computer boots up fine and in the full resolution THEN I swap monitors once booted and it works fine on the LCD. However, if I boot it with the LCD, wait for it to go black then plug in the CRT there is no picture, like the video card never initialized and won't until the computer is restarted.

    I turned down the resolution by using the CRT, to 800x600 and rebooted still with the CRT and it boots up fine in 800x600. I shut it down and hookup the LCD panel and once again I get the splash screen then it goes black when it's time for the desktop... and the LCD panel claims no input signal detected.

    All of this from attempting to change the resolution? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I don't have a specific cure but I would start with zapping the PRAM. I would also trash the Finder preference file and system preference file.

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    Hey!! i posted a similar thread I bought a TV that has VGA in and am having the same issue no cure yet we need more help any updates anyone?

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